How we work - We see New Product Development as a process. It involves many disciplines coming together to provide a solution... Marketing, Research, Consumer analysis, Technology, Packaging, Finance, Design, Trend analysis...

The Food Practice and its associates use our experience in all areas to help our clients in any part of the New Product Development process.

We spend valuable time learning about our client's business and the people within it. When working on a project, we help prepare the initial brief. We involve the key people in the team as this gives focus and clarity and ensures we know what our clients and their team want and they are clear from the beginning as to what we will deliver.

How We Work

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Ian Kelland - British Pepper & Spice

The key point about The Food Practice is how much the team energise a project - this is partly the sheer enthusiasm and scope of the original briefing session, partly the energy with which the brief is developed and partly the all-involving will to win that becomes infectious, once the key elements of the project are identifyed. This sense of energy is strengthened by the resource that they are able to throw at key issues as they arise and the single-minded focus that the team had on the project.