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Monday, September 20th, 2010

Well, our website is finally up and running. Thanks Creative Edge team for sticking with us and for your endless patience!
Whilst the site is intended to help people to undertstand who we are and what we do so that we might be able to help them, we also thought we would add a news page. It is intended to be full of foodie gossip (about us, our projects and anyone we feel needs to be talked about..). We will also feature articles on food trends and any foodie inspirations that may inspire us and hopefully you, our readers.

We are constantly scouting the retailers, markets, websites for new products and ideas and this autumn we see gin! Oh what joy.... Sloe gin is one of lifes absolute pleasures, either drunk on its own or combined with the last of the redcurrants for a delicious jelly to go with game. We pricked a zillion sloes, picked from our hedgerow last year and made fantastic sloe gin which was well worth the effort and turned a somewhat shoddy, fit for brown-paper-bag only bottle of gin into a bottle of glorious, deep ruby, sweet nectar!

Whilst we are on the gin thing...Tracey Bellow (you will hear much more from T the she has her finger well and truly on the pulse...or should that be pulses..?), has said that we should look at "Bramley and Gage" who are rising stars in the emerging British drinks trend. Their No.6 gin was a top winner at the Great Taste Awards on this month, (T judged and was at the evening), along with their Quince liqueur. Both won 3 stars, which is quite a feat in that judging. There are over 6000 products tasted and only a small proportion get 3 stars. Also interesting is the fact that Cobnut Oil won the overall best product and it says something to T about the whole British oil scene..

Halloween is approaching and pumpkins will be everywhere! At least we can be grateful that a wet british summer has produced plump pumpkins for us to ripen in the last warmish weeks of September. Flick through the photos on the website - most of which were taken by the fabulous Ian Aitken - there is a great shot of our friendly pumpkin farmer's pumpkins. What a versatile vegetable! As Nigel Slater says, "you can roast them, mash them, turn them into golden soup!". Butternut squash is a good cheap meal especially when turned into a curry, (look at Taste & Flavour cook book by Tom Kime - he has a great recipe for butternut squash curry!). We had all better learn to do something with these squashes and pumpkins and all that make the family Cucurbitaceae as they are not going away! In case you haven't noticed, retailers seem to love them. 100 things to do with pumpkins and squashes about to hit the headlines of all foodie mags!


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