Fiona Houston - Food Technical Consultant

Fiona has been working in the food industry since 1990 after graduating from Leeds with a BSc Hons degree in Food Science. 
She spent 12 years with M&S gaining experience in retail and many industries including Deli, Soft Drinks, Dairy and Biscuits. She was technically responsible for the conversion of all egg used in M&S products to Free Range egg.

Since leaving M&S full time she has worked on many diverse projects for companies including raw material assessment specification approval, sourcing additive free ingredients, supplier auditing and approval, introduction of allergen control from risk assessment to introductions of controls and verification. For one client she recently introduced procedures and controls for a start up manufacturer and took them through their BRC audit where they achieved Grade A certification.

She also provides an outsource facility for writing retailer specifications and checking artwork. The work Fiona offers supports large and small businesses.

Fiona joined The Food Practice in 2009.

She is a creative and a highly practical technologist who provides constant food technical support to The Food Practice and its clients.